Glamping at the Bushman Cave Deck & Bathhouse

Glamping means Glamorous Camping. Our Glamping experience consists of 14 classic colonial era Safari tents supported by the Bushman Cave deck and bathhouse. The campsite is taken as a whole with a minimum booking of 8 tents.

The tents

The 14 tents are attractively lined and have fly sheets for insulation. They have wooden floors, Persian carpets and Melvill & Moon campaign furnishings. The side panels are rolled up to allow for a through breeze in hot weather. The overall design of the tents is based on a classic ‘white mischief’ era East African safari tent template. There is quality linen throughout.


The deck

The bushmen always chose the best spots. The sandstone overhang that protects the Glamping site’s deck and bohemian lounge from the elements remains blackened by the home fires from many centuries of bushmen occupation.

The deck area is cool in summer and warm in winter and protected from wind and rain. We have gas mushroom heaters if necessary.

The eclectic furniture includes Melvill & Moon daybeds, Roorkee campaign chairs, a Melvill & Moon safari bar plus various other collectables

Lighting wise we have gas and oil lamps plus candles. For parties and quality sound and lighting we have a generator. For day to day usage we have a top end bluetooth sound system



The kitchen area of the deck is well supplied with gas cooking equipment plus fridge and all the relevant utensils. There is a large patio style gas braai plus boma fire place

As a space the deck is very flexible and can work as well for an intimate dinner or chilled evening around the fire as it does for a party with the likes of a DJ or band.

We also have a spit machine and an unusual (enormous) Boer war troop train cooking pot



Behind Free State versions of ‘Muizenburg’ change houses you will find black and white tiles, pictures on walls, flush loos and hot showers.

The showers and bathhouse are supplied by a high capacity ‘donkey boiler’ of very professional design. This in turn is fed by a borehole up on the mountain.


The bathhouse

With the manor house bathhouse for inspiration the Bushman Cave also boasts four Victorian baths set high on a platform over a natural watercourse. The whole set up is open to the stars. Typically you’d want the Melvill & Moon safari bar up there – and time on your hands .



Molly Dlamini is our chef in residence. Anna and Gladys look after the servicing of the tents and the deck. Anna’s husband Motsie handles staging details plus Mike the nightwatch doubles up as CEO lamps, thermos flasks, hot water bottles and donkey boiler supervision.

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